#PhotoPromptFriday: “Cimon and Pero” by Peter Paul Rubens


The above scene from last week’s #PhotoPromptFriday is titled “Cimon and Pero”, and it is such a bizarre story to be associated with what first looks like such a lewd image. However, this picture depicts something that is relevant even today: breastfeeding.

The specific narrative that Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) presents here is often called ‘Caritas Romana’. The classical story tells how Cimon, an old man, awaiting death penalty by starvation, is frequently visited in prison by his daughter Pero. She secretly breastfeeds him and thus saves her father’s life. One day, her actions are discovered by the authorities, but Pero’s altruism makes such an impression on them that her act is forgiven and in the end, Cimon is released.



I haven’t had time to prepare a narrative to this story, but I promise to release one on Saturday. As such, if anyone else would still like to submit a story to go along with this painting, the deadline has been extended this week until Saturday at 8PM.


#PhotoPromptFriday: Peter Paul Rubens


Peter Paul Rubens is the famous artist behind the word “Rebunesque”, which is often used to describe a person’s form as “plump or rounded usually in a pleasing or attractive way” (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary). The above painting is one of his trademark portrayals of a woman’s figure, but that’s not why I chose this painting as today’s #PhotoPromptFriday.

For me, this picture is interesting because the man in the picture is an old man in shackles, and the two of them seem to be in a prison. It turns the initial impression of lewdness into a hidden story that I want to know.

Now, I did look up the story to this painting, which I will reveal next Friday with the winner of this painting’s #PhotoPromptFriday, and it’s a pretty cool one that eliminates all thought of naughtiness. I want you to come up with a story that explains the scene portrayed in this painting. Submit it via my #PhotoPromptFriday page, and you could be featured on my blog as the #PhotoPromptFriday winner of the week!