“Hello, my name is Kenimich Row, and I’m addicted to stories.”

Sometimes I feel like there should be a “Reader’s Anonymous”, because my interaction with stories is similar to what I imagine an alcoholic or smoker might feel towards their addiction.

I have spent my whole life reading, or at least that’s how it feels sometimes. Lost in someone else’s fantasy world, I would snap at anyone who interrupted. Often, during family gatherings, I would find a quiet secluded place to read, rather then interacting with others, and more than a few times reading took precedence over homework and school.

At first, any story would do so long as it was fiction and I had the reading level to understand it. Then I began to get picky, as only higher quality stories, or stories of certain genres, would give me that emotional hit I was looking for. Soon it became harder and harder to find the kind of book that would satisfy my needs, until eventually, I couldn’t find any.

It was at this point I figured out I would simply have to write the books myself. I spent years scribbling down partial stories, thoughts, and inspirations, never to complete any of them, because as soon as I knew the ending, I didn’t need the story anymore. Now most of these stories are housed in a filing cabinet beneath my desk, where I pull them out occasionally to remember them and reminisce.

Eventually, however, I determined I wanted to actually be an actual writer, and a published one at that, and I spent many more years trying to figure out how to finish a story. This process, of actually pushing myself through the full process, is what began to control my addiction. When I started restricting it willingly, it stopped controlling my life, and I began to open up to other things, find other hobbies between writing sessions, and embrace my other passions.

Eventually, I forgot about writing.

My other hobbies had taken over my life, and I had moved on to college and then a career. I began to pursue dating and traveling, and I just didn’t have the time to write like I used to. I would still read, because stories are still a part of me, but I got my fix by weekend TV series binges and the occasional book series mostly.

I do not regret finding myself and carving out a life away from the written word. Still, when my current boyfriend started talking about following his dreams and going into business for himself, I thought about my own dreams.

I have a Bachelors in Computer Science, and I always thought technology and white-hat hackers were cool. I fantasized about creating the first true Artificial Intelligence, but I was never super passionate about it. It’s a fun idea, and I geek-out over computer science, but I have never been so absorbed with it as I have stories.

I truly love stories, and my dream is to become a famous author. As a planner, I’ve been putting together a step-by-step plan of action on how to get that done, and one of those steps is to get a following. Make myself known as an author, so that when I finish my book (which I’m currently work on the summary of book 3, and once all 6 books are summarized, I’ll start outlining book 1), someone might actually want to purchase it.

As such, I have created this blog, and plan to post stories at minimum once a week (#ThrowdownThursday or #PhotoPromptFriday) in order to create a portfolio so you, the reader of this blog, can judge my work to see if you might be interested in my book. (It also helps me develop my skills as a writer.)

I also welcome any constructive criticism or comments you have about the stories, and am looking for a writing group to join, or just a writing partner to be the inaugural member of a writing group.