#ThrowdownThursday: GW2 “Tell Me a Story”

This week my guild did an event called “Tell Me a Story”, where you had to grab 10 grey drops or karma vendor items and then tell a story with them. My group ended up with these items:

  1. [Pirate Flask]
  2. [8 Broken Lockpicks]
  3. [Vial of Purified Ocean Water]
  4. [Hylek Green Hue Potion]
  5. [Talon]
  6. [Dull Claw]
  7. [Shell]
  8. [Smashed Inquest Capacitor]
  9. [Canon Fuse]
  10. [Dorsal Fin]

Our story (co-wrote by me) was this:

I returned a man his [Pirate Flask] which, in his drunken stupor, had dropped it when he tripped on a [Shell] and a [Dorsal Fin]. In gratitude, he told me a wondrous tale, which ended in where his treasure was. I went to find it, but the inquest attacked me before I reached the island he mentioned, and sunk my boat. I only managed to survive by using a [Smashed Inquest Capacitor] that I pulled off one of the attacker’s corpse. When I made land I had to fight creatures with sharp [Talons] and [Dull Claws] until I final came to the chest. It was then I realized I didn’t have a key. I ended up with [8 Broken Lockpicks] before giving up and searching nearby. I finally found set of cannons, and one still had a good [Cannon Fuse]. When I blew off the top, what did I find? A [Vial of Purified Ocean Water] and [Hylek Green Hue Potion]. When I confront the pirate about this he becomes excited. He said “NOW I CAN MAKE MORE BOOZE!” I realized everything had been a ruse…

Not my best work, but worked for the challenge. 🙂


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